Becoming You

From Darkness into Light. From Light, Shadow. Shadow, Shape.

Some Shape had color. Some Shape made noise. Some Shape you felt. Some Shape nourished you. Some Shape became Familiar. And other Shape? The World.

You grew. You flung your body about. You felt the World upon your skin. You saw the World about you move. You heard the World about you bustle. You made noise. You expelled air from your being. Familiar came to you. Familiar encouraged with noises back.

You were not alone.

You were not Familiar. You were not the World. You were You — your experiences that far had proven it.

Everywhere you went, your body went too. Every thought you had was your thought alone. You expressed thoughts with noises. Some noises and actions Familiar responded to. Some noises represented your intentions. Some noises meant things. Those symbols had specific sounds — words. Strung together, words became language. Familiar was your "parent" and the "World?" So much more.

You explored the World. You experienced it. You tested and validated it. The blanket? Soft. A lemon? Sour. Thunder? Scary. The wind? Mysterious. A hug? Comforting. Peeing your pants? Discouraged.

You grew. The World was full of Others, Society, and they had their rules. You played by the rules — at first out of fear, later reason. You survived puberty (barely) and a first date. School could be a pain, its structure imposed, but from it you came to know Science, History, and Art. Understanding the World had value. Knowledge and skills could be learned and practiced. You did things out of interest or pleasure, and sometimes with ease, but sometimes with great effort despite the struggle required for some reward.

You found answers. You rationalized your existence. You took responsibility for yourself and your actions. You found work. You learned to use technologies that made life better and easier. You survived. You thrived. You found joy in others, family, and friends. You found joy in hobbies and interests. You found joy in the freedom of being alive in the World even though there was still so much — perhaps too much — to understand about it.

And the World could be so cruel. Death. Destruction. Despair. Others forcing their wills upon others. Perhaps you had the misfortune to experience such suffering. No doubt it had an impact you.

And the World could be so beautiful. Nature. Music. Love. Moments passing, each held dear, your existence waining irrevocably with the passing of time. Perhaps you had the fortune to experience such beauty. No doubt it's had an impact you.

And now you are here, all on your own, staring at this screen, reading this very sentence. Breathing. Thinking. Aware. You. Your Self.

No one told you how. No one told you why you should. But all own your own, from darkness to this moment, you've become You.

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Published over 1 year ago