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I'm Corey. I turn ideas 💡 into reality 🌎. I began life aiming to be an animator for Disney 🎞 and somehow became an aerospace engineer 🚁 before later taking a leap into the startup world 🚀. I got a degree in mechanical engineering ⚙️, studied human-computer interaction 🧠 for a bit, and now I'm a ✌️product guy✌️ building Internet things 👾 that aim to make us more capable 💪 and our lives more enjoyable ✨. I've had a blast developing all sorts of software products 👨‍💻 for over ten years from the ground up 📈. Have experience helping grow an early-stage startup 🌱 into a profitable company 🎢. I'm now building Blurt 📝 and consult on product strategy, design and development for companies around the world 👨‍🚀.

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A writing space for effortlessly capturing your big ideas.

Interviews with entrepreneurs and creatives sharing the importance of writing to their craft.

In true engineering fashion (AKA I'm lazy), I got to thinking, "Hey! What if I could just create my newsletter right from my top tweets each week?" And so, Owl Post was born. Why Owl Post? Because magical owls deliver the mail, of course.

Edit your tweets, sort of. Covfefe is a Chrome web extension that let's you edit and undo your tweets.

Typing in virtual reality is tough when you can't see your hands or keyboard. So how do you do it?

The VBoard was a quick exploration into seeing what it would take to bring the traditional keyboard into VR using a custom 3D printed mount, a Leap Motion and Vive Tracker all mounted on the physical keyboard and recreating an exact replica 3D model of the keyboard.



Epic lets you create titled collections of photos and videos that never disappear—"epics". It's like Snapchat and Instagram stories except they're permanent and you can have multiple. iOS app collaboration with Bryan Sleiter.



Upload a file. Share its link. Once accessed, it's gone.

BlindWrite is a writing tool to help jumpstart writing by blurring what you type as you write so you can get your ideas out without self-editing them.

A YouTube series interviewing inspiring startup founders making their big ideas a reality. Featured guests include Ryan Hoover of Product Hunt and Joel Gascoigne of Buffer.



Pokki is a free extension I helped build at SweetLabs, Inc. that provides a mobile app-like interface for Windows-based computers. Has generated $60MM+ in revenue and grown to 60MM+ users worldwide enabling SweetLabs to attain partnerships with the world’s top mobile and PC device manufacturers (Lenovo, Huawei, Acer, HP, and Toshiba).



Buskly is an online stage for talented people to broadcast and connect with their audience in realtime. I pitched the idea at Startup Weekend San Diego where it went on to win second place.

Video chronicling my first prototype of a vibrotactile feedback sensing system I call Touchsee. Touchsee utilizes Micrsoft's Kinect, an Arduino, and Daniel Shiffman's Kinect library for Processing. The aim of a VFSS is to enhance an agent's perception of body schema in tool use where the agent's own senses are occluded by use of the tool itself.


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