The Juggler

There's no such thing as balance.

There doesn't come this moment in life where time stops allowing us to make adjustments to all our commitments to feel balanced. It's this desire for balance that's actually stressing us out. We think balance will help us. It will give us some sense of knowing where everything is at. There will be no surprises. Nothing will come toppling down.

But it never comes.

Life isn't stationary. Life is in constant motion.

It's more like juggling. We have a limited number of people, activities and commitments we can have in our lives. We have to put them in motion, making little adjustments to keep it all in control. It takes serious focus and continuous effort. The moment we stop juggling, it all comes crashing down.

It also takes practice. We have to learn techniques and strategies to manage it all. We don't start out juggling five balls at once. We start small. We improve. We learn the tricks. We identify patterns. It becomes second nature. We can bring on a partner. Together we practice, our coordination improving over time.

And though we may have to take breaks, to recover at times, all that skill still remains. It's necessary to rest. To prepare for the next act.

It's not balance we're after. It's learning how to keep it all in the air.

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Published about 3 years ago