The dangers of watching

I started rock climbing last year. It's a pretty intimidating sport to start. Not just because of the heights, but because when you climb, you're the only one on the wall. You're easy to spot. Your every move—or lack of movement—is on display for all to see.

This can make it intimidating for beginners who don't want their mistakes seen. In fact, you can often spot a beginner not by how they climb but by how they spend more time watching than climbing.

The truth is, no one really cares what you do on the wall when you start out. There's nothing natural about rock climbing other than hanging on for dear life. Climbing requires learning new body movements, building new muscles and understanding new terminology. Experienced climbers know it takes a period of time to build those muscles and learn the techniques.

When we watch, we miss out on learning the nuances, building the muscle memory and achieving feats the spectator will never experience.

Better to get on the wall and start making mistakes than sit around watching.

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Published over 2 years ago