The elephant in our head

There's a creature that lurks in each of us that hides itself in plain sight.

And we know it well. How could we not? Its size is hard to ignore. Its demands tax our mental resources. Day in and day out, it calls the shots and we happily serve at its beck and call.

Oh the ego. How it stifles us with its demands. How it dismisses and defends. How it blinds us with its size preventing the outside from getting in. How it wants to hold strong. To prevent threats from coming in—threats that would reveal its true nature.

And we let it grow, holding onto it, that sense of self, our miserable ego, believing it our strength. Believing that feeding it is what's best for us.

In truth, it's a selfish parasite, preying on us with its festering manipulation. Its loathsome self-aggrandizing. How it pains us. How it weighs on us. How it creates complete misery as we continuously fail to ever satisfy it.

But it has a weakness.

We can take notice of it. We can look it in the eyes. Stop feeding it the attention it desires. We can admit and accept our insignificance.

Instead we can take control and use it before it uses us. To never become too satisfied with our knowledge and previous successes. To continue to build, grow and challenge ourselves. It's the moment we let the insatiable ego run the show that we put a limit on our potential.

The moment we accept our insignificance is the moment we can enter the world with open eyes. It's that moment we allow ourselves the ability change, grow and flourish. We allow ourselves to see the world fully. Opportunities are revealed to us. We see the good in others. We don't aim to feed the ego, but to feed others. Others' lives and their struggles become evident. We notice the nuances and details of life—opportunities for us to add value to one another's lives. We're no longer weighed down by the ambitions and demands of the ego.

The moment we become weighed down with the ego's overconfidence is the moment we set ourselves up for destruction.

Life is unpredictable. That's how we know the ego is a liar.

Put the ego on a diet. Our self-awareness needs all the room it can get.

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Published almost 3 years ago