Planting Ideas

Ideas have to be in the world to grow.

Just like a seed in our hand. We can't will it to sprout. The seed has to be planted. Planted somewhere special. Not just any place will allow it to grow.

It needs the right climate. It has to be nurtured. The environment — with the sun, the wind, the rain, and feet that may trample it — influence how it will grow. It may die, it may flourish, but had it just sat in our hand, it would've remained just a seed.

Ideas don't grow in our heads.

Sometimes we keep our ideas in our heads because we're actually scared. Scared that our beliefs can turn out to be wrong.

Sometimes we keep our ideas in our heads because we want to believe that they're better than they really are. By not finding out, we can keep believing our fantasy.

Sometimes we keep our ideas in our head because they allow us to dream. It's easier to dream than it is to make a dream come true.

Sometimes we keep our ideas in our head because we're in the wrong environments. We don't have the right support. We don't have the climate. So we keep them out of fear of what others will think. The doubt weeds our idea out and so they shrivel up and die.

Remember, an idea is just a start.

The same idea planted by two different people will have completely different outcomes. Each of your environments, networks, own interests, and those you reach will influence what becomes.

So, sure, maybe not all ideas bloom into something beautiful, but there's only one way find out.

Plant your ideas somewhere they can flourish. Take care of them. Listen to the needs of others — how they pull your idea somewhere above ground. Be diligent and consistent in helping that idea grow — let the right elements and people help it grow, keep it nourished, keep it honest.

And surprising things can happen. Vines wrap around trees to find the light. So too can ideas, taking twists and turns, blooming into something unexpected.

Plant your idea in the world.

Find the right climate.

Stay nourished.


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Published over 2 years ago