Entrepreneurial Superpowers

There are certain skills that can't be taught. They have to be discovered.

And that's what makes them special. They're already within us.

Here are a few I'm working to hone.


Self-awareness is perhaps the greatest hidden power of them all.

It's terrifying how we can go into autopilot mode. Years going by, never once recognizing our existence. Wake up, job. Job, paycheck. Paycheck, vacation. Vacation, repeat.

Self-awareness breaks that spell. Via mindfulness, we recognize our existence.

It prevents us from being reactive to life. It puts us in the driver's seat.

And, importantly, self-awareness allows us to make honest appraisals of ourselves. To recognize the value we and our business truly offers. It humbles us. It helps us see the good in others. It makes us honest. Helps us seek authenticity. To strive for the truth. Truth that others might hide from, but for us, will open our eyes to legitimate value.

Being honest with ourselves is hard. We have to recognize our limits. We have to recognize what we don't know. To recognize our own weaknesses. To identify what we need to improve. To know when to rest and take care of ourselves.

  • Strive for authenticity—be legit
  • Be mindful—recognize abilities and limits
  • Take self-care
  • Don't be a know it all—recognize others
  • Identify own weaknesses in need of improvement


Self-education ensures we remain capable. It prevents us from getting stuck. It enables us to overcome difficulties. To "Macgyver" our way. When others might give up, we find a way.

Curiosity is often enough to motivate. Maintaining a "learn by doing" mindset helps to always make progress. To develop skill and to see failure as an opportunity for learning. Avoiding mistakes requires practice. In that way, skill is discipline.

  • Learn to learn
  • Learn by doing
  • Maintain growth mindset in failure
  • "What do I need to know?" to achieve my aims
  • Stay disciplined—skill is discipline


Accountable to who? To what?

Accountable to ourselves. Accountable to our purpose. To the change we seek to make. We either have it our we don't. We either get it done or we don't.

Accountability gets results.

Accountability finds a way.

  • Lead the way—success or failure
  • Be a self-starter—there are no rules. No one telling us what to do. We set expectations.
  • Create solutions—there are no answers. We give life meaning.


Often I think half of creative success is simply overcoming doubt. When we create, we are consistently on the edge of the unknown. No one ever knows what they're doing in the unknown.

Resilience keeps us moving. Resiliency gives us the power of creating meaning. Meaning we seek from life. Meaning that creates value. Value others will benefit from. We must believe. If we don't, who can?

Resiliency helps us keep things moving. Keeping it all in the air. Juggling. And finding those who can help us do so.

  • Confidence—have to be different to stand out or provide new value to the world. Have to give others a reason to care.
  • "No one knows what they are doing."
  • "What do I want from life?"
  • Overcome doubt—believe in self + combination of knowing we have to be different to stand out. If we don't believe in it, who can?
  • Find a support system
  • Juggle


Empathy comes from humility. We are nothing without the reality we share with others. Empathy enables us to understand our small part in the universe.

Empathy gets us out of our head and into the big picture. It helps us understand true human motivations. It helps us appreciate others. To not be so hard on ourselves and others. To understand why others might have the motivations they do.

By enjoying the opportunity to serve others we can enable new possibilities.

  • Zoom out on the big picture—not self
  • Develop an intuitive sense of others & their needs
  • Stay innately curious of human nature & psychology
  • Identify and rely on talented others
  • Build true value through a desire of serving others

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Published about 2 years ago