Uncharted Territory

There's no one size fits all plan for wealth or success.

We're all just ships, navigating into uncharted territory. No map. Just courage, smarts, and grit. Making order out of chaos. Finding a way.

That's it.

New value — rare and useful value that people are willing to pay us for — is waiting to be discover. That's why others pay us for it. Nobody can tell us where to find that. We have to discover it on our own.

There are no shortcuts in unchartered territory.

It's why we give a certain mystique or allure to entrepreneurs who succeed. We want to believe that they knew what they were doing. That if we just read their book, use their map for our journey, it'll help us arrive in the same place.

But in the midst of it? They had no idea where they'd arrive.

It's only after the fact that any of it made sense. Day-to-day? Chaos.

There's so many incalculable factors that go into everyone's journey. Yes, we should learn from others', but there's no map for where you're headed.

You have to chart your own.

So how can we find our way?

Purpose gives us a reason to navigate in the unknown. It makes hard times worth enduring. It makes hard work worth doing. It's our North Star. It prevents us from getting lost. It gives a belief that there's something out there worth discovering. It gives us meaning.

Tenacity helps us survive. Failure? A learning opportunity. Obstacle? Find a way around. Not there yet? Keep on going. Tenacity never gives up. It gives good fortune time to show up.

Discipline develops skill. Skill necessary for discovering and distributing value. Navigating in uncharted territory requires making order of chaos. To keep a crew in order. To implement rules, routines, and systems. To quickly ascertain an environment from rote. To make landfall, establish, build, and distribute discovered value.

Courage gets us through. Without it we never set sail. We never make it anywhere. Courage explains why we are where we're at.

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Published about 2 years ago