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Becoming You

No one told you how, no one told you why you should, but all own your own, from darkness to this very moment, you've become You.

The Truth

What is it?

Problems Worth Solving

What problems are worth solving?

Rules of Thumb

‪25 ways to screw up your writing according to me and whoever told me so.‬

Consumption at 2x

I know. I know. Some will say the furious speed of consuming content at 2x is inferior to the comprehension when taking your time, but I don't care.

Indie Founder

Is it time for a new term? Maker. Indie hacker. Bootstrapper. Entrepreneur. CEO. Founder. They all kind of say it but none of them quite do.

As Seen on TV

One point of contention from early-stage contenders is that attaining product-market fit can be a matter of education. Is it?

Self-Funding a Home

I'm in an interesting spot with my product Blurt right now. It feels a bit like a house I can't afford.

Turn top tweets into a newsletter?

Had an idea to automate a newsletter using Twitter. Took small steps to grow it and prevent from getting too carried away with it. 😅 Here's how it went.

A technique to jumpstart your writing

Ask why.


I vastly underappreciate the importance and occurrence of random chance in my life. It often works in unfathomable ways.

Uncharted Territory

Nobody knows where they're going. So how can we find our way?

Entrepreneurial Superpowers

There are certain skills that can't be taught. They have to be discovered. And that's what makes them special. They're already within us.

Planting Ideas

Ideas have to be in the world to grow.

Naval on JRE

Quotes from Joe Rogan's interview of Naval Ravikant.

A leaky bucket

While Blurt has grown and people continue to use it, it has a serious problem. It's a leaky bucket.


mak·ert·ing (verb) building trust by sharing the process of building something someone might want so you can learn and build exactly what they do want.


It's easy to be hypnotized if we're not careful.

The dangers of watching

You can often spot a beginner not by how they climb but by how they spend more time watching than climbing.

The elephant in our head

There's a creature that lurks in each of us that hides itself in plain sight.

My live-streaming setup

All the software and hardware I've used for setting up my broadcasts and some thoughts on how to do it.

Adventures in Makerland

Some real talk. I've been completely lost these last few weeks.

How I'm managing a side project with a full-time job

It's been hard work managing both a full-time job and a side project. Below are some thoughts on my experience so far.

The Juggler

There's no such thing as balance.

Why We Write

Here's why we should make writing a regular practice.